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Have you ever felt that way?


It’s not the same as unhappy, angry, tired or even frustrated.



You can be overwhelmed and still be so blessed you’d never trade places with anyone…ever.


My life is busy. It’s busy for most of us. When I had four very little children, I was overwhelmed with all their needs. Nothing made me happier than being their mother, but it’s a lot of work with very little respite.


As the kiddos grow, my role in their lives has changed. I’ve taken on new challenges and life is no less busy. Where once I filled sippy cups and wiped up sticky fingerprints, now I drive to and from classes, cheer through numerous sporting events, arrange activities for the Senior All-night Party, homeschool and help with homework. And then there’s my writing. And my husband. And that cat who keeps vomiting as soon as anyone lets her in the house.


All great things. Well…maybe not the part about the cat.


I’m sure you know that feeling. It creeps up from your toes, squeezing you until you can’t take a deep breath. Finally, you hit the point where standing in the field and screaming while it’s pouring down rain seems like a logical solution.


And while this may help for a moment, once you’re back in the house and dried off you’re still in the same situation.


Years ago a friend gave me some advice that really helped. She suggested writing down my top three priorities.


Okay, that’s not so hard, right?


Here’s the tricky part, the part I seem to let slide.


Never (or very rarely) say yes to anything that doesn’t positively relate to one of those priorities.


That means saying no. It sounds so easy, but when some sweet lady is asking you to do something that seems like a good thing, it’s so very hard to muster those two letters. N.O.


There are many wonderful things we can do with our time, but if we continue to divide our days, the pieces become too small to make a difference.


What do you think?


Christina Suzann Nelson is an inspirational speaker and award-winning author of six books, including More Than We Remember, What Happens Next, and the Christy Award-winning The Way It Should Be. She is the mother of six children and is passionate about helping others find hope after trauma.

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