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Me and my granny. She changed the course of my life.



  • Grandma

    Isn’t it great that God had this adventure all planned out before you began this journey. A grandpa played a very important role in my life too. It must be a “girl” thing. But I’m glad you had that unconditional love cause now you’re giving that same love to those around you!

  • Jaelynne Wormenor

    Hi there! I just finished reading ‘the way it should be’ Thank you for a really beautiful book about such difficult life experiences. I am just wondering….the character Lindsay….?? Will there be a 2nd book to pick up on her story?



  • Becky Kempf

    Good Morning Christina, I just recently discovered you through “More Than We Remember” and then quickly moved on to “The Way It Should Be.” Both very thought provoking and excellent reads. I noticed your reference to TBRI (I have gone to several Empowered to Connect Conferences) and decided I needed to head to your website and to Every Child Initiative – WOW – it looks like your church definitely has a focus on helping children and families from hard places. Impressive. I have one “correction” to make for “The Way It Should Be” 😉 In chapter 4 the sentence “They’d been with her from their birth…” should read “They’d been with her from their conception…” As I am sure you know, the “womb experience” matters 🙂 I look forward to reading another of your informative and heart moving novels. Thanks for speaking for children everywhere who have experienced trama.

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