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2012 ~ My Review

I love New Years Eve. It’s a day to really reflect on the good, bad and the ugly of the past year and dream about the year to come. No matter the trials, I always come to this day knowing I’ve learned something new and grown closer to being the person I’d like to become. I may need to live to 100 before I get there, but progress is progress!


I leave 2012 with a mixture of emotions. This is the year I’d most like to put behind me, but it’s also the year I never want to forget. In 2012 relationships with friends and family were strengthened. I saw people who I love take great steps of faith and bravery. I watched in awe as God’s love shone from people who love Him. And I was changed by experiences, humbled and broken and blessed.


There were also places in 2012 were we had to dust off our sandals and move on, leaving behind relationships that were only harmful. People are not disposable, but there are circumstances when the best move is to move on. This is done with forgiveness in process and only good wishes for everyone’s future.







So, beyond the big lessons of 2012 we have the moments. All those segments in time that give us memories and stories we will share for the rest of our lives.  Here’s a few:

Aleasha had her twelfth birthday.

Joshua stepped out and tried two new sports during his freshman year of high school. He wrestled in the winter and threw javelin in the spring. Each week he threw that javelin farther, impressing his coach and his parents.

Ryan stepped out and tried tennis.  He and his doubles partner, Trevor, had a lot of fun regardless of the rain. And there was much rain!

Emma turned eleven.

We welcomed a new nephew to the family!

DSCN1493 (800x600)







Jason got a year older and I stayed the same age.

Joshua discovered that he loves welding and wants to do something with this in his future.

The kids showed sheep, pigs and steers in the county fair.



DSCN1242 (800x600)


Ryan started his senior year, turned eighteen and voted in his first election.

DSCN1474 (800x600)







Aleasha and Emma started taking a few classes at the middle school. They’ve made new friends and excelled academically.

DSCN1361 (800x600)







Aleasha played a LOT of volleyball!

Bella didn’t have any major accidents.

I signed with Karen Ball of the Steve Laube Agency. What an honor!

Ryan put many hours into a barn he was building for his senior project. We had a major wind storm and down came the barn!


DSCN1502 (800x600)

DSCN1529 (800x600)



Jason was Ryan’s helper on the barn project. He earned the title of “Chuck Monkey” for his mad bit changing skills.

Joshua decided to give football another try, and he did great! He played hard for the JV team and was able to play enough varsity to earn his first letter.

DSCN1402 (800x600)







Ryan’s soccer team, short on players but long on dedication, took their season all the way to the state championship. And they WON! An awesome punctuation for his senior year.

2012.11.17 4A Philomath soccer team wins

DSCN1509 - Copy (800x600)



Kit Kat passed away with the honor of being the oldest cat ever. We’re not sure how old she was, but seriously, that was an OLD cat.

DSCN1491 (800x600)








Joshua turned sixteen!

Ryan and Jason took off the night of Christmas and traveled with the basketball team to Alaska for a tournament. They are on the way home as I type this.

I know I’m forgetting so many things! As usual, our year was full. Thank you to each of you who were a part of our lives this last year. May 2013 be a year of blessings, friendship and love!



Christina Suzann Nelson is an inspirational speaker and award-winning author of six books, including More Than We Remember, What Happens Next, and the Christy Award-winning The Way It Should Be. She is the mother of six children and is passionate about helping others find hope after trauma.

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  • gramma

    I read this with mixed emotions as tears of joy and sadness rolled down my cheek. But throughout this year I have felt the strong presence of His Spirit guiding every step.
    Hard lessons have been learned but I can honestly say it’s been a blessing watching the growth in each of us!
    Thank you for sharing!

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