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New Babies, BBQs and Friends

This post is much like my life…eclectic.

One of my favorite roles in life is that of Auntie. It’s like granny practice. Very early Friday morning, just a few hours after the close of my youngest daughter’s eleventh birthday, my new nephew was born. And he is soooo cute!


Each year we celebrate our youngest daughter’s birthday with a family barbeque. It’s a chance to spend time with friends, enjoy some not-so-good-for-you food and take in some sunshine. We’ve done this since she was quite little, and each year the rain takes a break for the party.

It’s become tradition to serve dirt pudding. Usually, I fill a couple flowerpots (specially reserved for pudding) and stick in a sprig of artificial flowers and a few gummy worms. This year I tried something different. They’re not as cute as the flowerpots, but the little dishes sure make it easier when close to thirty kids come at you wanting chocolate.

Click here for recipe


Another yearly tradition on the Nelson farm…the broken lawnmower. No matter how hard we try to be prepared, we can never anticipate what will bust. The other issue here is our not-so-much drainage. By the time we can drive a mower through the yard, the grass is knee-high. With only two hours until our guests arrival, my husband announced that there would be no revival of the rider that day.

I pulled the OLD push mower from the garage, hoping to at least chop down a patch of grass. I had to start by using zip-ties to hold the handle up. The throttle broke off many years ago, so it only has one speed. That lever you’re suppose to hold next to the handle, that piece that you let go of to stop the engine, it’s long gone. When the handle broke off during my oldest son’s turn at mowing, he had to reach way down and push the mower into a tall clump of grass to make the machine stop.

We borrowed a friend’s push mower. Wow. Did you know those things practically drive themselves?

The yard is still a jungle, but we did get that patch where we placed the BBQ and a few chairs. All those kiddos thought the tall grass was awesome. They played for hours out there.

All in all, it was wonderful!

How did you spend your weekend?

Christina Suzann Nelson is an inspirational speaker and award-winning author of six books, including More Than We Remember, What Happens Next, and the Christy Award-winning The Way It Should Be. She is the mother of six children and is passionate about helping others find hope after trauma.


  • gramma

    wish I could put some of those chocolate covered faces (no entire kiddos) pictures here. Your pretty little cups may have been practical but the result just isn’t the same. I don’t know if there was more chocolate on the kids or the table/floor of the kitchen.

    Missed, very much, not being there for the party!

  • Jessie Gunderson

    I love the eclectic life. That pretty much sums me up too. Love those cupcakes, I did a “dirt cake” for my 5yr old this year. His brothers topped it off with a matchbox tractor. Friends pinned it on Pinterest. lol

    Zip ties as well as baling twine are “fix all” staples at our house. Love this post and getting to know you a little better!

    This weekend we built a chicken tractor. One of those movable pens so they get protected pasture and fertilize for me. 🙂 It’s ugly!! Complete with orange baling twine and blue tarp. Ha!

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