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Lots of lambs!

The first couple of weeks in February were busy here. Lambs, lambs, lambs. We even had one set of triplets. It’s a blessing and a curse (as Monk would say). One of the triplets had to be bottle fed. It was heart breaking to wean the little thing. Now, weeks later, she still run up to us hopeful.

We had lots of little helper show up at the farm. Our niece and nephew are in the picture below along with my daughters. Aren’t they cute!

Things are getting busy around here. Kids are finishing up their school work

and animal projects are getting going. Ryan had his second beef weigh in last Saturday. His Red steer is right on the mark but the black one is small. No worries. He always gets these steers fat enough by fair.

Have a great and sunny week.

Christina Suzann Nelson is an inspirational speaker and award-winning author of six books, including More Than We Remember, What Happens Next, and the Christy Award-winning The Way It Should Be. She is the mother of six children and is passionate about helping others find hope after trauma.

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