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    Red AND Green Curry

    It’s a birthday tradition in our house that the special person chooses the meal. My kiddos have eclectic tastes. Choices range from exotic to simply potato soup. Last week my oldest daughter had a special birthday. She transitioned to official teen, something she’s waited for since about age three. Her dinner choice was not one, but two kinds of chicken curry.

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    I don’t use a recipe, something I picked up from my grandma, but this is the mixture my family is happy with. And it’s simple!


    A couple pounds of chicken breast, cubed

    One large sweet onion cut in about 16ths

    The bell peppers (I like one red and two green) cut into one inch sections

    One can of coconut milk

    Red or Green curry paste

    Olive Oil


    Heat the oil in a pan then add the veggies. Cook until the onions start to look translucent. Remove the veggies and add the chicken. Brown well. Add the veggies back in and add the curry paste. Cook for a couple minutes then add the coconut milk. Simmer at least ten minutes. Make sure that chicken is cooked!

    Serve with rice.


    What would you choose for your birthday dinner?