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    Snow Day Memories


    Sure doesn’t look much like spring in my neck of the woods. We woke up to a blanket of snow. It’s gorgeous! And as a bonus, the powers in the school district actually canceled school. You can imagine the rejoicing. Even my younger kiddos who are still homeschooled did a few jumps for joy. Though I would have given them time to play in the snow, the girls were thrilled that their brothers could stay home too.


    When I was in middle school, I lived with my dad and his family. Our house was at a high elevation and snow came on thick. One of my greatest memories are of sledding down the steep driveway on sheets of aluminum (I think that’s what it was) recycled from our local newspaper printer.


    The road would mash down until it became like ice allowing us to pick up speed. Eventually the aluminum would wear away and our bottoms became the sled.


    When our hands were frozen and the plastic bags in our boots had given out and let water in, we’d hike back to the house and strip off the layers of wet clothes. Once bundled up in warm sweat suits, we’d sip hot chocolate and watch the snow from the window.


    What do you remember from snow days?