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    Why Amish?


    Love them or hate them, Amish books seem to be here to stay.


    Personally, I’m on the fence. I’ve read a few Amish novels that I’ve loved and set just as many aside after the first few pages. But the question really isn’t whether or not I love Amish books. The question is, what is the appeal that makes this genre such a sure seller?


    I think it’s the same thinking that drives the historical market. We’re so overwhelmed by the craziness of our world, that we crave an escape to a simpler time or place.


    Of course it’s an illusion that life has ever been simple. People are still people, and unfortunately, many seem to get joy from the destruction of others. At least in an Amish community, you can fall on the ice and not find it ten minutes later on Youtube.


    What do you think?


    Do you love Amish stories or not so much?


    What draws you to Amish or historical novels?