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    Steers, Books, and Heat

    We’re loading steers into the fair today! It should only be about a hundred degrees or so…

    Shredder and Harper

    Fair is a bitter-sweet time in the summer. We love the week of  watching our kids compete and having time to actually talk with friends, but fair also signifies the end of our free summer time. Volleyball gets started the day after we pack out of the fairgrounds. I’ll be at a conference for most of a week, and we’ll squeeze in a camping trip. And by the end of the month, my youngest two will be heading back to school.

    August is packed with fun, but it isn’t without work.

    My next book is due September 1. Yep, that will make this month even more fun. If you see me packing a green notebook around, well, that’s my book. It’s now my constant companion.


    A funny steer story:

    We played rodeo last week with one of the steers. Cupcake wanted nothing to do with the fitting chute. After many attempts, I finally got the beast in.

    A couple days later, I went down to the barn. While I was in the pen, Cupcake looked at me, then the chute, then me again. I wondered if he remembered our battle. I kept walking toward the gate. When I looked back, this is what I saw. He decided to do it the easy way and load himself.


    Cupcake rockin’ the 80s look

    Remember us while you’re enjoying the AC this week. 🙂


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    Home from Fair

    There’s been a bit of a lull here on the blog due to the county fair, but now I’m back and almost rested.

    Fair is a four day event that sometimes feels like months then ends with me wondering how the time went by so quickly. It’s at fair that I catch up with old friends, watch my kids achieve the rewards of their hard work, and remember the best days of my own growing up years.

    I did something different this year. I judged the marketing contest. Junior 4H members came to me over the course of four hours and attempted to sway me with their sales pitches. What an honor it was for me. Somewhere between fifteen and twenty kids came through with animals like a bald guinea pigs and a llama. Some were nervous and some were seasoned professionals, but each of the kids had clearly worked hard to bring a solid project to the fair. I loved every presentation.

    My kids did well with their steers, bring home blue ribbons. The cattle were sold at the auction Saturday night. While we’ll miss the crazy critters, it won’t be long before the new calves move onto the farm.


    So, we’re home. Cookies have been baked for the auction buyers. Thank you notes have been written. Most of the laundry has been washed, but the house is still needing a good cleaning. And another county fair is closed. Time to start the preparations for next year.



    I can’t help wondering what I’ll do when my youngest daughter graduates from 4H.


    We even saw Benny the Beaver!

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