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    Great Blogs of the Week


    I read quite a few blogs throughout the week. Today I’ve decided to share some of my favorite posts with you.


    If you’re a writer, check out Jody Hedlund’s blog about a writer’s worse enemy.


    Okay, this one isn’t from this week, but it’s hilarious. Ane Mulligan tells us all about the over 55 techie.


    Fliterary publicized the Idahope contest. I’m entering. Maybe you should too!


    Check out Jodie Bailey’s journey from pre-published writer to published author. By the way, we’re getting a Panera in my neck of the woods very soon! Writer’s get excited about that kind of thing.


    What if there were no money in writing? Well, for the most part, that’s been my experience. But I still love it. Rachelle Gardner tackles this topic.


    Steve Laube has done a great job dissecting the acquisition of Thomas Nelson. After you read this post, make sure to look at his others from earlier in the week.


    I’ll end this with blatant self-promotion. I’m the guest blogger on Nicole Miller’s blog today. I’m talking about our first horse emergency. Come on back and let me know what you think!







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    Reasons It’s Hard For Me To Blog



    We all know this one. Time has a way of vaporizing when I try to take hold of it. I do have a very busy life, but writing (even in the blog form) needs to be a priority. I’ll just swap it for that old priority…Sleep. Speaking of time, I only have fifteen more minutes to finish this post.

    More questions than answers

    When I sit down to blog, my mind throws out question after question. I am one of the true Google junkies. Questions come to me throughout the day and I dive for my computer. I think this may be why I love research.


    It may sound funny to some of you. I’ve published a couple of stories and I regularly send chapters to my critique group. I’ve even been a finalist for some major awards. Still, the thought of others reading my work makes me nervous. And honestly, my blogs posts aren’t as carefully edited as my manuscripts. That goes back to the topic of time. I feel like I should toss a major typo in write here.

    I know, as authors we’re suppose to grow thick skin, and oddly I have no problem with most upfront criticism, it’s the behind the scenes that gets me.

    Lack of tech ability

    Blogging is suppose to be easy, right? Huh! I’ve had more glitches than I care to remember. Sometimes a picture won’t load. Sometimes I type but nothing appears. Sometimes my website just disappears. I’m a writer, purely a writer. When people start to talk computer, my mind jumps into a story world.


    Yep! Spite. I’m really working on this one. Compliance isn’t my middle name. I don’t like to be told what to do, even when it’s the right thing. My husband actually finds this amusing. I think I’ll become compliant…just for spite.


    What makes blogging difficult for you?



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