The Ups and Downs of a Large Family!

The last couple of week have been CRAZY! If you’ve followed me long, you may be thinking that sounds normal. Nope. We’re playing on a whole new field here. So far this summer, we’ve been to the emergency room four time. FOUR. And our family has spent four nights in the hospital. Yes. FOUR. Three of those were mine, the other was my oldest daughter. I had to sleep in a chair that night and suddenly missed being the patient.


We’ve also had some good crazy. On August 7, the adoption of our youngest two daughters was finalized. Thanks to Covid (read that as dripping with sarcasm) we couldn’t have the ceremony the girls had dreamed of. But guess what. It was even better.


I’ll be sending out my newsletter later this week with more details and pictures, but here’s a few until then.


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