Who do they think we are?


There’s nothing random in the world of advertising. Companies know who we are and what we need probably quicker and with more accuracy than we do. Those Facebook ads aren’t accidental. They keep track of all kinds of factors, then choose the products we’re most likely to purchase.


So why does Facebook insist on enlightening me about GOUT. Do they know my future too?


That makes sense when I consider the ads I see on television. Those powerful people who know the kinds of people who watch certain shows have determined that I’m in great need of diabetic testing equipment, mobility assistance, and of course, adult incontinence supplies.


I’m so grateful that I don’t have to be the person these GENIUSES have decided I am.


Now tell me…Who do the ads say you are?




  • Kaity

    Usually I get dating servies (apparently Facebook wants me to be a polygamist) and baby stuff. Today, it’s CSI Miami (which I tried watching once and couldn’t stand), as well as a “Gay Wedding Expo”…thank you Facebook.

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