How did Mary survive?



This is the question my mind slipped to during the meditation last Sunday. Claudia was talking to us about joy, but I couldn’t help but ponder how Mary must have felt. The sweet baby in her arms would be persecuted, shunned, and brutally killed.


Nothing hurts a mother deeper than the pain of her child.


I wonder how she managed to breath. How she was able to let him run down the street with the other boys. How she was able to paste a smile on her face and raise him without her fears and grief taking over.


Maybe she didn’t know the extent of her son’s future.


It seems that Joseph would have known. Did he share the future with his wife, or did he protect her?


But we know that in the end, she was there. She saw her child suffer for the sins of the world, and I wonder how she was able to bear the pain.


This video says it all.



So this is what I’m pondering this week. What do you think?

Christina Suzann Nelson is an inspirational speaker and award-winning author of six books, including More Than We Remember, What Happens Next, and the Christy Award-winning The Way It Should Be. She is the mother of six children and is passionate about helping others find hope after trauma.


  • Voni Harris

    Amazing thought. It would’ve been torturous for either parent to watch him go through it. However, they also knew what the scriptures said about the Messiah, and they knew who their son was…Maybe “one day at a time.” I don’t know how else you would do it!


  • Jodie

    I think about Mary a lot. How did it feel to know she held God in her arms? How did it feel when she realized she’d “lost” him on the road home? (Okay, seriously. You lost God. You were entrusted with the Savior and you lost Him. Not only is He your kid and you love Him madly, but He’s also the most important child every born. I think there was a special breed of panic in that search that only she and Joseph could ever know.) She was told from the start there would be suffering. I am not sure how she could endure knowing that as she rocked Him and how she held up watching Him die. I’m with you in those thoughts, and I’m sure Mary is extra special to you today. Love you!

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