For years I’ve listened to the writer’s chatter about Panera. This place comes up so often, a writer like me could get the impression that without Panera one’s career in publishing will lack some sparkle. Well, I love sparkle, so I felt left out.


The 2010 ACFW conference took place in Indianapolis. An added bonus to the awesome conference was my chance to see what a Panera actually was. And Yum! I went with my lovely critique partners, Kimberly Buckner, Jodie Bailey, and Donna Moore, for a final meal together before we left for our separate corners of the country.


I’m afraid I didn’t get the full benefit. You see my vanity was kicking me in the head that day. I’d chosen to forgo my glasses the night before. I’m not sure what I was thinking. I guess the glitz of the banquet and the fact that I was up for two awards…Okay, I was VAIN! The migraine that accompanied me for the entire trip home wiped up that little problem. There’s nothing pretty about me with a migraine!


Okay, back to my point. Today, not far from where I live, Panera opens its doors. Now I can be a REAL writer. Look for my tweets about writing at Panera. I’ve joined the club.

Christina Suzann Nelson is an inspirational speaker and award-winning author of six books, including More Than We Remember, What Happens Next, and the Christy Award-winning The Way It Should Be. She is the mother of six children and is passionate about helping others find hope after trauma.

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