New Adventure

Usually new adventure means something exciting and fresh. Not this time. The adventure I’ve been on for the last three days is better described as torture. Really torturous torture.

I tried, with every ounce of my brain, to put together a website.

I’m a creative kind of thinker. I know that better now than ever. Writing and stories, they are my passion. Math and technical science, not so much. All that html, FTP, CMS; I don’t get it. It’s like dropping into an advanced math class with out learning how to add first.

So after three long days, I’ve stopped. No more staring at code and pouring over those how to for dummy books (apparently I’m a few levels below dummy in this arena), and no more waking up in the middle of the night to worry over this project. I’m done. My website will sit vacant until I hire someone with a computer brain to bring it to life.

Today I return to the world I love. I’ve missed three days of writing and I think taken five years off my life, but I’ve learned a valuable lesson: Let the experts do what the experts do.

Have a lovely, low-stress week,


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