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Friend’s Thanksgiving

On a recent Sunday, we marked the ninth annual Friend’s Thanksgiving dinner. What a blessing to have 61 of my closest friends all together, squeezed in really, in my home. We cooked two turkeys, one smoked and one roasted. Friends came bearing ham, potatoes, pumpkin pie and all the other Thanksgiving treats including Kristin’s fabulous Sweet Potato Surprise.
I find myself thinking about these relationships often this time of year. The base of the group formed in college. I lived at Azalea House, a co-op on the campus of Oregon State University with about fifty other women. My husband lived next door at Avery Lodge with a bunch of guys. As time went by, we Azalea girls found ourselves marrying the boys next door, literally. After graduation, we went our separate ways but over the years many of us have returned home to Corvallis were we live near each other, raise and in many cases homeschool our children together, and attend church together. We are a family.
More friends have come into the group, some through marriage and some through acquaintance. Yes, a few of us actually married outside the original herd and I am so grateful. As I write this, I find myself grinning. If you know Lisa, you probably understand why.
I have just finished Uncharted by Angela Hunt. A group of friends from college are reunited after many years of lost contact only to find themselves stranded on an uncharted island. Let me tell you, I am so thankful that my life didn’t follow that course. If you’re looking for a good read, pick this one up. I found myself convicted but strengthened by the story. Oh, and if you do read the book I assure you that none of my friends share the same secret as Mark.
I think.
I pray that you will all have a blessed Thanksgiving.

Christina Suzann Nelson is an inspirational speaker and award-winning author of six books, including More Than We Remember, What Happens Next, and the Christy Award-winning The Way It Should Be. She is the mother of six children and is passionate about helping others find hope after trauma.


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