Spring is bursting into life here on the little farm. We had a beautiful weekend, temperatures in the seventies. True to western Oregon springs, it is raining again and quite chilly. Regardless, I am inspired by the fragrant blossoms sprouting from many of my favorite plants.

I love the Flowering Red Current that my family gave me, years ago, for Mother’s Day. With little to no care it explodes with color every spring. What a blessing.

I also love the Camilla that grows half way up my towering old farmhouse. My grandfather grew Camillas. He would take me out before dinner to pick just the right blossoms. Then we would present them to my grandmother as she cooked away on one of her marvelous meals.

Another favorite is the Bleeding Heart. I’m not sure why I love this plant, the name makes me a little sad, but it’s so lovely. The heart-shaped blossoms hang down from their stems in neat little lines.

I sincerely hope that you all are finding time to enjoy your favorite gifts of spring.

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