Swimming in the Deep End

Coming Fall 2018 from Kregel Publications

Four women, torn by grief, connected by their love for one child. A love that will change their lives forever…

Jillian Connors faces her greatest fear when her daughter, a girl who had it all, becomes pregnant. Jillian had always hoped Izzy wouldn’t follow in her footsteps. Now she’ll have to do everything she can to protect her daughter–and her secret.

Izzy can’t believe God allowed this to happen. Sure, she knew the risks, but she never really thought it would happen to her. How can she face the disappointed stares? Just when she thinks her life has sunk to the bottom, an unthinkable tragedy takes her even deeper.

How can Margaret Owens save her son from the future she’s lived to regret? She’ll do anything to protect him! Then an accident takes his life–and puts an end to her only hope.

Stacey’s arms still ache for the child she and Keith couldn’t bring home. Will they find a new beginning in a new state, or will the hurt follow them forever?