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    How Do You Find the Time?

    People often ask me how I find the time to write while homeschooling, taking care of our home and farm, and all the other things that amount to life. The answer is simple. I write at football practice, soccer practice, gymnastics, stoplights (only when I get an idea I can’t risk forgetting), and even while I make dinner. Isn’t multi-tasker one of the greatest descriptions of a mother?
    My friend, Shannon, walked into my kitchen a couple of weeks ago and laughed at the scene. I had one hand stirring dinner and the the other on a print out. Rewrites are very mobile. So for all of you who are wondering, I do not get up at 5am and I do not stay up all night. Okay, sometimes I do, but not regularly.
    If you’re a mom I’m sure you can think of the things that you love so much that you fit them in somehow. For me those things are my God, my husband, my kiddos, and my writing.
    Have a great week and take time to enjoy your passions.