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    How Pinterest is Threatening My Life

    If you haven’t joined the world of Pinterest yet, you’ve probably still seen the snapshots of tasty treats on Facebook. It’s like the devil himself tempting me in one of my most vulnerable spots…my stomach. Seriously, chocolate chip cookies with a warm, melted Rolo inside. I’ll admit, I’ve made them…twice. And they were even better than the picture!

    And then there are the pretzel crusted brownies. My daughter and her friend made these bad boys. WOW!

    They say obesity is threatening our lives. Pinterest is a cause of obesity. You do the math.


    I can hear you all saying, “But what about all the healthy recipes?”


    I’ve seen them. But…I’m yet to make any of these. After all, I’m full from the brownies and cookies.


    There are some non-calorie perks to Pinterest. I’ve started a board for a few of my manuscripts, and it’s great fun to find things my characters would see or love and pin them to the board. The other day I stumbled upon a chair that would delight Ruth! I think I’ll give it to her. I’m a writer…I can do that.

    Pop on over to my Pinterest page and take a look for yourself. Then come back and let me know how you survived.