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    What I’m Working On: Marketing and a New Book



    This week, the marketing department from Kregel sent me a few pages of questions regarding my upcoming book. You may not realize that the publisher decides on both the title and the book’s cover. I have no problem admitting that I’m terrible with titles. In all the manuscripts I’ve written, there is only one with a title I’m really attached to and that I named completely by myself.

    So, this is where we come to the point that The Lost may no longer be called The Lost. It’s kind of exciting. I feel like I’m about to get a great surprise. Of course, it’s also possible the book title will not change, and that’s good too. As you can see, I’m not real invested in this area.

    The book cover is another thing. I’m fascinated by book covers. Some I love, and some I hate. There are few that don’t fall into one of these categories. More than any of my other stories, I’ve had a vision for what this cover would look like. But I’m not so great on the artistic design side. I’m even struggling to express the vision that’s so clear in my head. I’ve scrolled through hundreds of covers, and I’ve found a few to show as examples. I’ve also found quite a few books to add to my TBR (to-be-read) pile.

    I have faith that the design Kregel decides on will be the right one. They’re professionals, and this is their area of expertise.

    That brings me to the other things I’m doing.

    I’ve replotted  an older manuscript which I’m pulling together in it’s new, better form. This is a bit tedious, but I’m pleased with the new story.

    I’m also planning for November and Nanowrimo. I’m so excited to be participating with thousands of other authors around the world. National Novel Writing Month brings professionals and hobby-writers together with the same goal, writing 50,000 words in the month of November. My goal will be something more like 70,000, but you get the point.

    The new story has me exploring topics like driving under the influence, dementia, and life transitions under the worst of circumstances. I look forward to weaving these threads together.

    Do you have any book covers you love? Please, post a picture in the comments area.

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    On Writing and Marketing



    I read a great and informative post on the Steve Laube Agency’s blog yesterday. Steve boiled down the numbers, explaining the expenses publishers dole out to put books on the shelves. What an eye opener. On the average, publishers are only making about $420 on the first printing of 10,000 books. Wow!


    As writers, what should our response to this information be? Well, for me it’s all about marketing and producing a quality product. If a publishing house is going to take that kind of risk on me, a new writer, I’m going to do my part to make sure they make a profit.


    How can writers move toward the goal of better writing and marketing?

    1. Write each day. Practice, practice, practice. There’s nothing magical about hard work.

    2. Read well written fiction. Learn from those who have done it.

    3. Read books on writing craft.

    4. Research marketing. Check out the blog post I read today.

    5. Be involved with an active group of writers, including a great critique group.

    6. Join a writer’s community like ACFW.

    7. Give back to others. It can’t always be about our platform and our skills. What can you give someone else?

    8. Apply what you’ve learned.

    9. Be patient. Learning to be a great writer takes time and so does building a solid marketing platform. Keep working toward your goal.


    What are you doing to advance your marketing and writing skills?



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