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    Confessions of an ADD writer, social media addict, photographer and graphic designer

    Today I welcome fellow writer, Nicole M. Miller. I met Nicole last summer at the OCW Summer Coaching Conference, but I was already familiar with her through her blog. Make sure to check it out! Nicole is an expert on a variety of topics and an all-around fascinating person.



    Oh, and I forgot to mention history buff, horse nut and when the occasion calls for it, event planner.


    Simply put, I cannot really make up my mind. I cannot pinpoint exactly what I am. Sometimes, I long for the clarity of just having “one thing.”


    In marketing, you’re told to pick one word and make sure everything you do, publish, say or sell relates back to that one word, your “brand.” Think of John Grisham, think of legal mysteries. Think of Francine Rivers, think of epic romances. Think of Stephen King, think of thrillers.


    Can I pick my “brand” as “TBD?” or perhaps “all of the above?”


    When Christina asked me to guest blog, she asked what my passion was. A dozen things sprang to mind instantly. Writing. Social media. Horses. People. Graphic design. Photography. Do I have to pick just one?


    Each passion plays a big part in my life. I’m a fiction writer by night, a social media coordinator by day, a graphic designer by freelance, a photographer anytime I get my hands on a camera. The horses I’ve owned have shaped me into who I am today and I’m a staunch advocate against animal cruelty. So what “brand” do I portray?


    But lately, I’ve come to realize a few things:


    1. We all have these ADD tendencies. Not all authors write exclusively in one genre. Some books overlap, some are far from the norm. But as readers, we know what sort of story to expect from those authors. That is the brand.


    2. If we all only stuck to “one thing,” we’d be a bit boring. We are all complex beings for a reason. Simple is boring. Who want’s that?


    3. Being true to yourself is far more important than limiting yourself to one “brand.” Yes, you must be tactful about it. (But if you’re a romance writer looking to dive into paranormal, that’s what pseudonyms are for…)


    For me, I’m in a state of pre-publication and I have time to flush out my books, my blog, my brand.


    So what is my one word?


    I’ll let you know when it comes to me.