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    Beginnings Gone Bad

    The other day, my oldest daughter came in from feeding the steers with a surprise. Deep in the bottom of the bucket she carried was a tiny bird. He chirped and flopped, opening his beak until it became a waiting funnel for food. With only a tiny bit of fuzz on his head and bottom, there was no way we could identify what kind of bird he was.

    This is the best picture I could get with my limited photography skills


    Somehow this little guy ended up on the dirt road between our house and barn. There are no trees on this route and my daughter couldn’t find a nest anywhere. How did he get there? We’ll never know.

    In our area we have a wonderful resource for circumstances like this. We took the bird to the wildlife center where they will care for him and help him grow into the bird he was made to be. While we waited for a worker to come to the door, we met a woman and her son. They had brought in a baby chipmunk. I’d never seen one this small. What a cute little critter.

    So, I’ve been thinking about the bird. We’ll call today and see how he’s doing. But what I’ve been pondering is the birds beginning. Circumstances weren’t too good when he found himself alone on a road with no way to keep himself warm or feed himself, but along came my daughter with her caring heart.

    The world is full of people who had rough beginnings, but that doesn’t mean the story will end tragically. God heals broken hearts. He restores lives.